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Active ingredient: Stanozolol. Dosage form: 1 vial of 10 ml Drug colour: white

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Active ingredient: Stanozolol.

Dosage form: 1 vial of 10 ml

Drug colour: white

Stanozolol is the derivative of dihydrotestosterone though the activity of it is much more moderate than this androgen in the nature. Stanozolol or winstrol show the great muscles growth compared to the androgenic effect. While dihydrotestosterone provided in fact only the androgen caused side effects, Stanozolol instead guarantees the qualitative muscle growth. Anabolic properties of this stuff are temperate compared to many much stronger drugs. However Stanozolol is the reliabe muscle builder. The anabolic propeties of it could be even compared with the Dianabol but Stanozolol does not have the same tendency to retain the water. Stanozolol is alkylated like Dianabol at 17-alpha. Owing to this the oral intake of the drug is also possible.

Since Stanozolol is not estrogenic, adminstration of the anti-estrogens is not required. When using this steroid no gynecomastia is registered even among the most susceptible users. As Stanozolol almost does not retain the water , no need to worry about the excessive hypodermic fat. It makes this stuff irreplaceable for taking in short cycles when the water retention and hypodermic fat are inadmissible. Stanozolol is very popular among the athletes in power/ high-speed sports like field-and-track athletics.

We must mention that the injection form of the stuff is more safe and effective than the tableted one. In case of the tablets, same as with Dianabol, it is recommended to take care of the liver. When using Stanozolol with the other drugs alkylated at 17-alpha the course duration should not exceed 6-8 weeks.

synonyms: stanozolol,Strombafort, winstrol.

Substance Stanozolol
Type vial
Quantity 1 vial
Dosage 50 mg/ml 10 ml
Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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