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Active ingredient: Testosterone propionate Dosage form: 1 vial of 10 ml Drug colour: tintless

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Active ingredient: Testosterone propionate

Dosage form: 5 ampules of 1 ml

Drug colour: tintless

Propionate can be easily referred to as the steroid for the "proletarians" taking into account that it is the cheapest stuff in the market. However it does not mean that only low-budget bodybuilders prepare for the competitions with propionate. The point is that the testosterone ingedient allows the body to better recover after the loads as testosterone assists in production of phosphocreatine by the body and this is why even the well-heeled athletes strive to add their pre-competition steroid cycle with at least one androgenic drug. It is no surprise that for the reasons mentioned above the preference is given to propionate as the time proved stuff.

The main difference between propionate, cypionate and enanthate is the effect duration. Unlike the long-lasting enanthate and cypionate, the proprionate has the significantly shorter period of effectiveness.

Though the propionate's side effects are similar to those ones of cypionate and enanthate, they are rarely registered. For all that in case of the corresponding genetic predisposition and high dosages the certain androgen-caused side effects can emerge: acne, hair shedding, increased hair distribution all over the body, deeper voice quality. The increased libido is registered both for men and women. In spite of the high level of the propionate convertibility the gynecomastia displays less often than from the other testosterone intake. The same can be stated on the water retention in the body, as the watter-electrolytes retention is not so strongly expressed.

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Substance Testosterone propionate
Type vial
Quantity 1 vial
Dosage 100 mg/ml 10 ml
Manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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