Payment & Order Requirements

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept BitCoin as well as payments with credit card and bank account. If you choose Payment with Card or Bank Transfer as a method of payment you will get the instructions with our account details. More details you can find on the page “Payment”.

Do you have the minimum and maximum order size?

The minimum order amount is only 39 USD worldwide. The maximum order amount is 500 USD.

Do you have any special offers or discounts?

We offer 15% discount to all customers paying with bitcoin. Enter at the checkout the coupon code “Get15”. You can also find bulk discount on all of our products.

Shipping & Import

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we provide free shipping for orders above 100 USD.

Where do you ship your products?

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico;

UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Israel, Spain and Belgium;

Japan, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, India, South Korea.

More information you can find on this page.

Which countries do you NOT ship to?

We do not ship to the following countries because of strict customs: Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, UAE, Brazil, Morocco, nor any African countries.

More information you can find on this page.

Do you use ice packs for shipping peptides, e.g. Semax and Selank?

We do not use ice packs. Please read the reasons listed below why we believe that it is not necessary:

According to Semax drug insert and manufacturer’s website, Semax is to be stored below 10 degrees Celsius (50 F) for a period of two years, which implies that only high temperatures are detrimental.

The producer of Semax says that it is fine to take Semax with you during trips and that you do not need to keep it in the fridge, once you started using it.

Is it possible for US citizens to import nootropics?

Yes. None of our US parcels were got seized.

Not more than a 3-month supply of the supplement is imported.

US citizens are allowed to import products worth less than 800 USD per day without paying any import duties.

How do you pack the products?

We wrap all the products in bubble wrap and ship in small durable cartons, so that packaging of each product cannot be anyhow damaged. Also, we do make any markings, so the package is discreet.

What happens if I do not pick up the parcel and the maximum hold time expired?

There is NO reimbursement in this case. We notify our customers if the parcel arrived in the local post office.

General Questions about Nootropics

I do not have any experience with nootropics, but I am very curious. Any recommendations? What nootropics are the most favorite?

It is not very important what the first nootropic that you try is. The more important thing is that it is of pharma-grade quality and you are aware of how to take it. The most favorite nootropics: Ladasten, Noopept, Mildronate, Cerebrolysin, Semax, and Strezam.

I am a healthy person, but still I want to try nootropics. Is it a good idea?

Nootropics are supposed to improve mental conditions. Since we live in very stressful environment and receive a lot of information every day, our cognitive conditions and the health in general are exposed to risks of different diseases. If you do not face stress in your life, but still want to have some advantages over your colleagues, college classmates, or competitors, e.g. in sports, then nootropics (cognitive and physical enhancers) may be useful to you.

Can I stack different kinds of nootropics?

In general, nootropics do not negatively counteract one another; in many cases, making a stack is a good way to increase their potency. One common way to do this is to add caffeine to the stack.

Can nootropics be used in an inappropriate way?

For sure, they can be misused. Individuals willing to misuse nootropics will always find a way to do it. We do not advise you to do so. It might be very risky and harmful to your health. Therefore, we ask you to read carefully the dosage and administration instructions presented on every product page, in order to avoid the risk of overdose.

Quality of the Products

Where I can find reviews on your products?

We have created the the special page “Testimonials”where we accumulate all customers’ feedback on products and services left on our website and reddit.

How can you offer such low prices? Are these real nootropics?

There are a few reasons why it is possible to have the lowest prices on the market of the genuine nootropics. First, Russia has government control over prices of pharmaceuticals and manufactures most of them domestically. Second, I am working in the largest pharmaceutical network in Russia, which is called Katren, i.e. we have an access to supplements directly from manufacturers, so we avoid additional mark up of local pharmacies, where other guys are sourcing nootropics. Third, we make the lowest mark up on our products, because we want to make Russian genuine nootropics accessible for more people who need it.

How different are nootropics presented here from the ones that I can buy elsewhere?

Here, you will have only genuine nootropics, which are not different in terms of quality from the supplements that you can buy in your local pharmacy. In other words, most of them were produced according to GMP standards and all according to Russia Federation government standards. Because of this fact, all nootropics here are approved in at least several countries and will be accompanied by supplement fact sheets. Buying nootropics elsewhere means sacrificing on quality as well as taking certain risks.

What is the shelf life and storage of your products?

Most of our supplements will expire in around three years except for Semax and Selank. They will expire in 2 years if kept in the fridge. You will find expiry dates located on each pack. Also, you can ask us via email or contact form the date of production of every product.

What are the countries of origin of your products?

Most products are produced in Russia. We offer nootropics produced also in France (Strezam), Austria (Cerebrolysin), Actovegin), Belgium, and Latvia (Mildronate and Phenibut).

Can I ask for a certificate of analysis (COA)?

We are ready to provide a COA for every product’s batch if you are planning to place several large orders. However, please bear in mind that all products are original (moreover, some of them are on the Russian List of Vital & Essential Drugs) and tested by both manufacturers and the state.

Why do I see the pictures of products in English if they are original genuine pharmaceuticals sold in Russia?

We have translated the Russian packaging for better information purposes. The English translations are identical; even the font and colour. So, it will be easier for you to recognize products once you receive your package.